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Unleash the Power of Lightning-Fast Shopify Speed Optimization

Is your Shopify store struggling with slow loading times? In the competitive world of e-commerce, speed is not just a feature; it's a necessity. Customers demand swift, responsive websites, and search engines reward fast-loading pages with higher rankings. At Jibril Soft, we specialize in Shopify speed optimization, ensuring your online store loads in a flash and sets you on the path to e-commerce success.

Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your Shopify store not only loads quickly but also delivers an exceptional user experience. Here's what our Shopify Speed Optimization service includes:

Performance Audit
Image Optimization
Code Optimization
Minification of Assets
Testing and Monitoring
Mobile Optimization

Don't let a slow website hold your e-commerce business back. Contact Jibril Soft today, and let us supercharge your Shopify store with our Speed Optimization service. Speed matters, and we're here to make sure your website performs at its best.

Premium Shopify Speed Optimization Service


Mobile Speed Rank 65+
Desktop Speed Rank 90+
2 Days delivery time

  • Full speed optimization Audit
  • Check and fix all halting Java scripts if any
  • Check and remove apps' obsolete code if any
  • Check and optimize all website assets (images, CSS, JS, etc.)
  • Images optimization & compression
  • Optimize the video section to an optimized version if any
  • Apply Lazy loading per section wherever required
  • Check and defer scripts wherever required
  • Improve liquid rendering time
  • Improve Largest Contentful Paint LCP [Web Vitals] as per Gtmetrix
  • Improve Cumulative Layout Shift [Web Vitals] as per Gtmetrix
  • Improve TBT - Total blocking time as per GTmetrix
  • Improve FID - First Input delay
  • Pre Load critical assets
  • Handle third-party script [ app ]
  • Compress js and CSS files
  • Apply CDN where required
  • Lazyload images and iframes
  • Remove unused JavaScript from the theme
  • Preload assets where required
  • Improve overall page loading time

Customer Reviews

Celebrating Success Stories

Maison Blanches

Shabir really won my confidence with his expertise and honesty. He helped me out with my website and theme, showed his skills and gave me good advice. I hope we will work again in future together. Really happy with his delivery, and happy to gain trust in external parties.

Salty Jewelry Cape Cod

Excellent design choices and overall structure. Would highly recommend Shabir's work!

Artfolly Art Stories

Working with Shabir was great and he made a beautiful website for me I can recommend him for all your Shopify relatief needs!


Many thanks Mr. Shabir to the great job you have done for me on the Shopify sitting up 👍

E&V's Deals

Shabir is extremely professional. He has completed two services for us now. Our website speed was running at a speed score of 28. It's now running at a speed score of 74, after Shabir services. I was so impressed, I hired him to help redesign our website. It looks incredible!! He also took time to schedule a call to discuss what he did, and teach me how to using some of the new features. Moving forward we plan on using Shabir assistance.


I was searching for a developer that would boost my website speed and ended up with light speed, a brand new website for half the price.
Shabir is a great guy, a fast, professional developer and designer.

Nuez Acres

Very happy with the work i recieved. I appreciate that i am able to trust Shabir with the work he is completing on the back on of our store. Thank you for the quick communication and follow ups to my questions

Organo Genie

This team exceeded my expectations without telling them what to design. I just provided the items that need to import and other few revisions. But everything else is great.

Shoot Your Shot!

Incredible job! Really appreciated the ability to collaborate over WhatsApp in real-time.

Our Clients

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